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This 10 Step System Is Everything You Need To Get Your First Real Estate Deal of $5,000 or more In 30 Days Or Less ...

Completely Virtual From Anywhere In The World, Without A License, Credit, Cash, Or Any Prior Experience.


The Results From Rona Proof Students Are Mind Blowing,


"By far the best investment I've ever made!"

"You want to see other people successful and that's what I love about y'all"

"Tony has shown us SO MUCH in just 2 weeks!"

"I recently closed a deal with a $78,000 assignment fee." 

"Tony is in a league of his own when it comes to wholesale & the trainings!"

"It's helped me close over $17,000 in wholesale fees, and over $20,000 sitting in escrow next month" 

1. Effectively Generate New Wholesale Opportunities, Every Day!

No more sales slumps. Now, you’ll have a fresh new way to attract and close real estate deals, every day. Consistently. Predictably. That you can bank on.

2. Create The "Frenzy Effect" For Your Offer… Without Hardcore Selling! 

Never shove deals down a prospects throat again! With the masterclass you will have a proven system which creates excitement, hope and an eagerness to sell. Without having to use pushy sales tactics.

3. Master The Art Of Closing Following This Simple To Follow Proven Process!

Experience sky-high sales conversions… with marketing campaigns prospects value & appreciate. One that positions you as an authority, builds trust, and creates goodwill.

4. Give Yourself A Competitive Advantage With This 4 Step Formula!

Get an unique advantage among your competitors with proven strategies and systems that create confidence with your prospects. So you can stay connected with customers ready to work with you!

5. Explode Your Sales, And Duplicate For 7-Figure Business Growth! 

Never struggle again to get "in the market" leads. Now, you can scale your flow of leads and new deals as big and as quickly as you’d like. Just follow the steps completely and watch your business explode!

Take a look inside the Rona Proof Masterclass Simple 10 Step System...


The way you start is the way you finish.

Get an advanced quick start on the fundamentals of wholesaling....

Including how to properly set up your LLC, getting organized, and creating a roadmap for your business.

Plus, jump into two of the fastest growing, private wholesale communities developed to connect closers all across the world.

Find opportunities, forge partnerships, and get high level accountability from hundreds of closers!


We're going to start by getting you in contact with the hottest leads on the market.

In this module you'll unlock an intensive walkthrough of my #1 marketing tool - Propstream...

Filters to help you find tired (ready to sell) landlords and high equity properties...

A COVID-19 interactive map to connect you will distressed sellers even during a pandemic...

And my "Hot Zip-Code Hacks" for securing the most profitable markets!


With your High Equity Market secured, we can now move on to building your list of leads.

They are the life blood of your wholesale business.

And I'll show you how to acquire the names, emails and phone numbers of hundreds of motivated sellers in your market - both paid and free!


Now, your leads wont call themselves...

But I'm going to show you how to simplify your cold outreach (text & call campaigns) to a single proven script to help you stay in control of each conversation...

The best strategies for marketing on and offline...

And how to use text messaging to significantly increase appointments set and deals closed!


The amount of money we can make wholesaling real estate is directly correlated to the amount of offers we make...

So in this module, you'll have access to the Offer Calculator to give you fair and accurate numbers...

Tutorials on how to find the ARV (Average Retail Value) of a property...

The Closer's Repair Sheet to include all cost's of potential repairs...

And my proven email scripts to send to prospects once you've structured your offer!


Once we've made the offer and the seller has agreed to the terms, it's time to get it under contract.

I've included my EXACT Bullet-Proof Contracts to secure and legalize your deals...

A detailed breakdown of how to use it...

And the most common terms to negotiate.

Open Escrow - Title Company

Next, we put the property in Escrow...

Which means we are now finding Title Companies or Closing Attorneys to get the deal funded.

In this module you'll not only be given access to a whole list of Title Companies...

But you'll also get access to the script for hiring the best real estate attorneys at lower closing fees, so you can make more money on your deals!


Learn how to find eager cash buyers using both paid and free strategies...

Live demonstrations of how to talk to cash buyers to build long term partnerships for your deals...

How to present your offer to cash buyers to maximize profits...

As well as a copy of the contracts we use to assign deals with our cash buyers.


Double Closing & Transactional Funding.

A form of short-term, hard money lending...

Which allows a wholesaler the opportunity to purchase a property with none of his/her funds...

Provided that there is already an end buyer in place to purchase the property from the wholesaler within a short time frame, usually 2-5 days... 

It is one of the most useful concepts in real estate financing and, if done properly, a great way to turn a profit with little to no money out of pocket!


And for everyone's favorite part...

We get to the bag!

We'll break down how students of mine are consistently closing deals between $5,000 - $50,000 with no prior experience or license!

What kind of impact would that have on your life, to be able to make an entire average year salary in one deal?

Even just an extra $5,000 in a deal is a game changer for most...

The best part is, 

Once you learn and apply the strategies in the Rona Proof System, you'll be able to consistently bring in more deals with less effort from the comfort of your couch... even if you work a 9-5!

Plus, You'll Also Get...

($20,000 Value)

Join in on our private LIVE group coaching sessions from the comfort of your own home. Ask questions, watch deals close in real time, and learn what's working for other closers in the Rona Proof Masterclass Community. 

Easily the most valuable component of the Program. The course has been designed to educate you on the steps, but the live calls are where all the action goes down.

Plus, you'll never have to worry about missing a class (although I recommend showing up to get your questions answered)! 

We record each session and quickly upload the content to your members area, which can easily be accessed on any device.


($1,997 Value)

($1,997 Value)

This 4 week, 38 lesson "Proven Phone System" course will help you immediately command the attention of motivated sellers and cash buyers, without coming off as a salesman...

Position you to overcome any possible objection your prospect has with confidence and professionalism...

And stand out as the go-to authority for their real estate needs.


($997 Value)

($997 Value)

Every year I travel to over 20 cities across the nation to put on one of the largest real estate conferences available...

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions the $100K Club tour was delayed and postponed until further notice.

As cities start to open back up, my team and I are booking out venues to bring back the tour to a city near you! And when you enroll in the Rona Proof Masterclass today you are going to get 2 General Admission tickets to any available tour location!
*(All ticket holders will be notified as soon as locations become available)*

All Of This Is Instantly Your's When You Enroll In The Rona Proof Masterclass TODAY...

ONLY $1,197 TODAY!

Save Over 90% On The Full Rona Proof System Program Before This Offer Ends...

Proven Wholesale System ($997 Value)
Model A Proven Formula For Finding And Coordinating BIG Deals
Proven Wholesale System is a deluxe mastery course created from over 3 years selling wholesale and creating a 7-figure wholesale business from scratch. Tony's gift to you!
2x $100K Club Tour Pass ($1,997 Value)
Get 2 Tickets To The 100K Club Live Event In Vegas! Over 1000 Closers Uniting To Build Their Legacy!
Normally sold for $997 per ticket, I am giving you 2 tickets to my live event in Vegas (as soon as COVID19 permits). Get in person training and coaching from me and multiple other closers who share how they made it to 6 figures and beyond.

That's $21,976 Worth Of Value..

For Only $997 Today When You Pay In Full!

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+ Never Before Offered Exclusive September 

Proven Wholesale System
($1,497 Value)
My Proven Wholesale System gives you the exact playbook I use for finding hot, profitable deals with both buyers and sellers!

This is your virtual manual for calling smart & effective plays in your wholesale real estate business!

Plus, exclusive business automation and scaling training!
Proven Phone System
($997 Value)
Specifically created for those that struggle with communicating effectively with prospects.

Cold calling can be daunting for many, and is the most vital position in your business.. (If no one knows you, you don't have a business..)

You can now sleep knowing you have all my million dollar scripts, trainings, and calls with real prospects!!
$100K In 2020
($997 Value)
Instantly add access to my $100K In 2020 programed is designed and structured to help Wholesalers hit their first or next 6-Figures in 2020! 

Not to brag too much, but I've had students do it in 90 days...

And even go on to create 7-Figure businesses!!
Final 31 Challenge
($997 Value)
Final 31 Challenge offers a 31 day runway for you to launch your virtual wholesaling business and land your first, or next few deals!

Game-ify your business by challenging yourself for the next 31 days with the guidance of my trainings and tutorials.

A sprint to getting paid so you can start writing your own checks this month!

A FEW Student Success Stories...

Tony "The Closer" Robinson
Miami, Florida
I've helped thousands find their purpose, make more money and change the trajectory of families current situations through mentorship, coaching and influence over the last 3 years.

We are ALL facing extreme economic stress,
With pandemic confining us to our homes and literally forcing many to find new strategies for making money and providing for their family..

The question becomes...

Will You Let It BEAT You?

A quote from the movie Martian once said -

"At some point everything is going to go south on you, and you're going to say 'this is it. This is how I end'. Now you can either accept that, or you can get to work. You solve one problem, and then another. If you solve enough problems you win."

Even though it can be hard for many in times like these, pulling back and giving in will only further the damage caused.

But moving forward in the face of adversity is the only way you get to win.

So Here's The Challenge..

Maybe even write it out..

What would your life look like in 45 days if you closed JUST ONE contract?

How would it make you feel to know that you have everything you need to get paid when you want?

What is it worth to you to be able to write yourself a check?

What would you have to commit to to make that a reality? 

Would it be
worth it?

Would it be worth it?

I'm literally giving you access to EVERY tool and strategy that has helped my build a 7-Figure Real Estate Business with no license!!

My mission is to provide you with a complete training covering each and every angle of setting up and running your wholesale business successfully.

I want you to have confidence in your work day knowing you are making a difference, not only in your own life, but those that you serve!

If you are still reading and on the fence about the Rona Proof Masterclass, take a look at some other people having success with my program..

They came with an open and eager mind to model proven success.. just take a look!

Here's A Recap Of Everything You'll Get When You Enroll In The Rona Proof Masterclass Today:

   Lifetime Access To The Rona Proof Masterclass 10 Modules With Over 55 Lessons To Help You Close $5,000 Real Estate Contracts Completely Virtual ($8,000 Value)...

  The Bullet Proof Contract Templates & Tutorials For Securing & Finalizing Wholesale Deals ($997 Value)...

   Cold Outreach, Offer Calculation Best Practices, Copy-Paste Scripts, and Offer Creation Modules ($997 Value)...

   Exclusive Rona Proof Community With Thousands Of Members For Accountability And Support ($497 Value)...


   Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls For Ongoing, Over The Shoulder Support ($19,997 Value)...

   Propstream Intensive Training And An Exclusive 7 Days FREE Trial Membership ($997 Value)...

   7 Day Cash Buyer List Builder ($197 Value)...

Total Value: $31,682

But because I don't think there is anyone on this planet who is as obsessed with helping others win in times like these like I am...

You’re not going to pay $31,682 or anywhere even close to that...

Even at the normal discounted price of $3,497, it would be a steal.

But to help you out even further… 

And save you the headache of trying to upgrade later and pay full price...

When you enroll in The Rona Proof Masterclass TODAY...

You Get EVERYTHING For Only $1,197!

Save Over 80% On The Full Rona Proof System Program Before This Offer Ends...



  Will This Work Where I Live?

We have had countless students from all around the world take our strategies and change their live's by successfully investing in the U.S real estate market. And the only way you could be our next success story is if you confidently take action! Don't let the fear of where you live stop you from this experience!

   Do I Have To Be An Expert?

Luckily this course is designed to work for those already in the game looking to take their investing to the next level, but it also is laid out to help those who have never thought about real estate get started from the bottom and feel confident moving forward in life!

   How Much Time Is Required?

We understand that most people are very busy and have full time jobs, families, commutes and hardly any free time. We designed this program so that you can work through it even if you're hard pressed for time. You can listen to the trainings while driving, on the bus or even at your job with headphones in. It doesn't matter what your schedule is like, if you can set aside at least 2 hours per week you will be able to work your way through it.

Even if you can't start right away…reserve your spot and go at your own pace. These lessons are live but they also will be recorded and available online inside our training portal. You can login whenever you want, on your own time and on your own schedule. 

  Can I Trust Tony?

I don't think you could find a more trustworthy individual of the past 30 years who has transformed and changed as many lives as Tony in the real estate industry. With THOUSANDS of lives impacted on a yearly basis, he has transformed what it means to help people unleash their true potential and go to the next level. There isn't another person alive on the planet who care more about YOUR success!

  When Will I Get Access?

Immediately! As soon as you enroll in Rona Proof you will get an email with instructions for the upcoming live class held in the private Telegram.

If you do not receive access to your purchase within 30 min, please send an email to my team at and they will get you everything you need. Sometimes the tech isn't always predictable and have had people slip through the cracks (which we are working on) but want you to feel confident we will assist you promptly.

  Can I Get A Refund?

Due to the nature of the time, effort, and energy required to facilitate live trainings, as well as the thousands of dollars in contracts, scripts and resources, there are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. 

Please make sure you are 100% ready and committed to investing in yourself and, more importantly, doing the work involved BEFORE purchasing the Rona Proof Wholesale Masterclass! You are 100% responsible for your results... I cannot reach through the computer and make you do anything. If you are looking for a get rich quick, do no work, freebie, do not purchase this course. If you are ready to commit to yourself, your life, and your business and are honestly committed to doing whatever it takes to make this work for you (doing the work, showing up to classes, networking with others, and providing a professional service that changes lives), then don't wait and get started right now!

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